Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Sting & Gino Vannelli! Imagine a band that did the songs of any one of these 4 artists. Well, I went to Trumpet’s last night in Montclair and I saw a phenomenal band do the material of all 4 of these artists. Not to mention that every song was spot on. “GOOD STUFF” was put to together, by lead singer Mike Caputo and a cast of accomplished musicians. And they knocked the ball out of the park last night on their very first gig. Along with Jay Dittamo on drums, Philly Armeno on sax, Axel Belohoubek on keys, Scott Hogan on bass, Deanna Carroll on vocals, and my personal favorite, Don Regan on guitar, Mike has put together a great show that will culminate in a wonderful night out with great music. It did for me!!! – JC

We Had a Great Time at Trumpets Last Night…It was an Amazing Show with GOOD STUFF…It Truly Is GREAT STUFF…Congrats To All – MD

A big thank you to all the musicians in the Good Stuff Band the show was awesome last night – M.A.C.

Congrats, you surely have arrived!  As a former musician and longtime music lover, it was a real treat listening to you guys. I also enjoyed the opportunity chatting with most of you. – CP

Phil, the fact that you played with “Mr. Rock & Roll” Chuck Berry himself still knocks my socks off. He is one of my absolute music heroes! 

The Best Show! – T.F.

I’m also glad I finally know why the band is called “Good Stuff.” Though if anything, after last night, I believe even more that the name is too moderate!😀 Hope to see you all again soon!

You guys were awesome. I really enjoyed your show. You are to be congratulated for what you accomplished in only 10 months. I hope you will have many more shows down the road. – MG

What a show!! … I enjoyed Trumpets and was in awe of the talent of all of the band members 🎤🎹🎸🎷! And I sat with some wonderful people too 💕. – SC

Just the Ultimate in perfection every note true artistry! -G.I.

Strong group of musicians and artists! – J.L.P.

They are the best. My hubby & I had fun. Glad I picked that place for his BD and it was all worth it. Can’t wait to seen them in June 15. A.B.

Great Ultra Pro band with their own original material recorded This band can go very far Nationwide and beyond! R.M.R.

Original stuff, and material, which displays their ability, and their love of music. H.R.

Great music… excellent vocals…! R.S.

Great cover Band, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder + more…S and G

What a PHENOMENAL show!!!!! – N.D

It was a great show  – M.A.C. 🎶❤️

Great show last night!  – J.Y

Congratulations on the sold out show Mike! – G.B.

We had a great evening listening to the excellent musicians and material from Good Stuff! They surely are. Wonderful performances and history of the music. S.K.

Excellent show! – J.G.

These top-notch artists represent everything that makes live music beautiful: great instrumental craftsmanship, great vocals and true passion. If you dig Steely Dan, you’re in for a treat. If you also like Sting, Stevie Wonder and Gino Vannelli, even better! – C.P.

Great band / great songs/ great energy!!! – KM 👍🎉🤗💖

The best Steely Dan tribute band hands-down. I haven’t seen any other vocalist like Mike Caputo who sings like Fagen except himself. They also pay tribute to other great artists including Sting, Stevie Wonder and Gino Vannelli. And, yes, this may look a bit like an arbitrary mix of artists, but I’ve seen first hand it works very well. The key is smart song choice! – C.P.

The vibe of this Good Stuff band is accurate, so much of the feel of this great music. I would sell my dog to get tiks to a GS show (it’s an expression — all you dog lovers just chill). Amazing and sad how relevant this song is 47 years later. – T.M.

They are absolutely the best group that can re-create steely Dan. Mike Caputo his voice is spot on for Donald Fagen the rest of the group are great musicians. F. I.

All I can say is WOW…your profile says you are a professional musician, you are that and more. What a great band …let me say it again…WHAT A GREAT BAND…you really put together a group of talented musicians that hit the mark on every note. Your repertoire is unmatched by today’s other bands…and the band represented the spirit of each and every song you played. – Joe Mack

What an amazing night and band at McLoone’s in Asbury ….the name should be GREAT STUFF….they were unbelievable!!!!! Can’t wait to see them again!!! D.M.

A great show last Saturday night @ Tim McCloone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park! A very good time was had by all! J.Z.

Thank you!  We thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and your band in NYC tonight at the Cutting Room.  As usual,  you sounded so very much like the Dan, Stevie & Sting.  As for Gino, we are slowly warming to his “great stuff.”  Tonight, listening to Good Stuff was an incredible musical experience and long overdue for us. – F and P